Why Us

We believe that all humans beings are endowed with a capacity to learn, improve, and progress. Elearner has been created for everyone who shares our passion for learning. We encourage you to explore our website and participate in our online community, and continue helping us find new ways to make learning more accessible for everyone.Elearner gathers and organizes educational content in an intuitive environment. Our goal is to develop an innovative interface to discover and learn from new academic content. By using the latest technology in web development, we shrive to create a friendly and knowledgeable user interface optimal for learning, giving you the freedom to choose what you learn and how you learn. At Elearner, we believe education benefits our society, especially when accessed by anyone willing to expand their horizons. For us, freedom to learn means freedom to choose.We believe anyone in the world is entitled to education of the highest quality. With the increasing availability of thousands of video lectures by the world's top scholars and independent contributors, we chose to devote our time and energy to share as much educational content available on the Web as possible, bringing to our users a friendly and intuitive environment for learning.

Upcoming Courses

List of Future courses to begin from 16th August, 2016

Software Testing Course

Get to know more about the Basics of Software Testing

HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Web-developers

Learn the basic tools that every web page coder needs to know

Advanced Writing

By raising your level of academic writing, this course helps prepare you for college-level work

Basic Desktop Software

A course designed for every individual, to their enhance skills technically

Personality Enrichment Program

Develop your personality and grow dynamically in your career path

Introductory Robotics

Explore the next generation career program


Elearner has the best faculty. I owe my success to them

- Jyoti Guha

With Elearner, I could study anytime, anywhere till I became perfect. Besides my teachers, Elearner has been my study friend

- Sameer Shukla

You are in safe hands if you choose Elearner. It brings out the best in you.

- George Adams